Sunday, February 28, 2010

West Palm Beach GreenMarket

Last Saturday about 30 people from the PBC Photo Walkers met at the West Palm Beach GreenMarket.

View West Palm Beach Green Market in a larger map

To be honest, I was not expecting a whole lot to come out of this meetup but I knew we'd have a good time as we usually do when we get together. I went to work super early for a few hours and then met most of the group at about 9am in the courtyard by the city library; the rest met us over at the GreenMarket.

I guess we were the first photography group to go there this year because the vendors and customers were very curious about what the heck we were doing. Most of them were very happy for us to take pictures of them and/or their products and our group tried really hard to remember to ask before we did. After a while I think everyone got used to us.

Anyway, I said earlier that I didn't expect a lot out of this meetup... but I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing variety and quality of shots that our group took! Here is a link to the photo album from that morning. So far 145 pictures have been posted!
For the most part, I could categorize my pictures in 5 groups.

[1] Fruits / Veggies

[2] Flowers

[3] Other delicious food
(yes, we snacked along the way)

[4] Dogs
(I did not take a lot of dog pictures but there were a LOT of dogs there.
See the group photo album for many really cool dog pictures)

[5] People
We were taking a picture of our reflection in the pavillion builiding
 over by the new WPB waterfront area.

My favorite picture from this photo walk is my favorite because it not only gives a glimpse of how bustling the GreenMarket is but it also expresses the true spirit of our photo group. My Palm Beach County photo of the week on DPC is of Nikki, the "host" of this month's photo walk.

Thanks Nikki!


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