Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sundy House

Gregg and I have a tradition of "getting away" for a weekend after tax season each year (we actually also get away before tax season, see this post). For both trips this year we decided to enjoy our own county (and my blog was supplied with two of the fifty-two entries).

So last weekend we stayed at Sundy House, an amazing place in Delray Beach, FL. I had heard about this place prior to going but I had never been there. My mom actually went for a wedding brunch a month ago and said "Wow, don't forget your camera when you go!" (as if I would). Even so, I was not expecting such an amazing little hideaway only a block or so south of Atlantic Avenue!

When we were walking to our room to check in I certainly didn't feel like I was on hotel grounds... it seemed much more like a botanical gardens (Oh, speaking of gardens, I got some great shots at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami but couldn't make a blog out of it since it's not PB County. So for those interested, here's the link to the photo gallery).

To start the journey, here is a shot of the main building:

It's clear that these gardens are tended to VERY well and that they are pretty established. After writing that last sentence, I became curious about how old the place actually was. According to their website they are a "boutique inn listed on the National Register of Historic Places" (they didn't list a year). Here are some shots of the grounds:

One of the really cool things about this place was their dining areas. Of course, they have regular indoor dining... but they also have outside seating all nestled in the gardens:

Even cooler than the dining areas is the "natural freshwater swimming pond". This was an absolutely incredible place to hang out with a beer from the bar & a good book (by the way, that's our room directly above Gregg):

Why do they call it a swimming pond? It's a very clean and well maintained pond that you can swim in. :o)

Another thing I just learned from my blog research is that they only have 11 rooms... I'm sorry, "11 distinctive guest accomodations". We were number 9. Here is our room from below looking up at the balcony:

... and here is a view from our balcony directly down (by the way, those sandals came from a really cool place in Key West called Kino Sandals) and the second is our balcony:

Sundy House is really a great place for photography (looking into doing a PBC Photo Walkers meetup here) - lots of flora and fauna:

I really like this shot because it really showcases the large variety of plant life on the grounds and this photo has a fantasy (somewhat unreal) feel to it. I processed it in Photomatix with three exposures to try to bring out all of the light & colors and for this shot I really like how it turned out. This is my Palm Beach County photo of the week on DPC.


Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful Tammy, I am jealous! Dina

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